Gregor Bingham

Gregor Bingham

I would like to say 'Mu' to the question who am I, but I'd sound like a keen zen person, or a cow. I am neither really. What I tell people though after they figure out I am from Scotland and have lived in Toronto from the age of 20 is that I am pretty serious about learning, practicing and engaging in being a really effective Integral Coach. It's my crazy path.

I am an En type 5, I orient from LL and I have been sitting in Teal (haha) for a while, Ihope to move up a level as soon as I can just surrender the last bits of my broken assumptions. I have enjoyed many years going through Jungian analysis, and was such a profound treat really, and I ended up taking Joanne and Laura's Integral coaching program and lining up my mission. To live near my edge, question what I know, to live with uncertainty.

I take a personally dim view at the propensity of overanalyzing things and much prefer the idea of making Integral et all, simpler and not so abstract. So if I post anything, just so you know, I am not eliminating all the lovely analysis, I just want to get to the point, the heart and the meat. I have spent too much time on the periphery, and abstraction keeps me there.

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Friday, 10 August 2012 21:49

The Shock Doctrine: The War on All of Us

A look at the intersection of Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine and integral theory. 

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