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This week has saw the descent of the rains here in Vancouver. It will rain pretty much from now until April (or worse June). My thanks to Sr. Lindsay Robertson who had a recent Jukebox covering songs about the moon and to Br. Juma who early on in the history of this site, reminded us talking about the weather matters for inspiration in writing this piece.

And now the Jukebox spins some great tunes about rain, showing the ubiquity of rain-soaked songs from across many genres. 

Starting off a torrent: Prince, Purple Rain. 

Next up Blind Melon, a song tragically marked with the death of its singer. A happy upbeat tune with melancholy lyrics. And a famous bee girl.

Dorothy wishes we were Somewhere Over The Rainbow. (For a little background on the enduring brilliance of the mythology of Oz, check out this piece by Br. TJ). 

One of the first CDs I ever bought was a Beatles Remastered CD. The first song on the CD was this one--Rain. "Rain I don't mind...the weather's fine." I need to learn to have such Beatle Zen about the rain. 

Motown gets in on the deluge. The Temptations: I How I Wish That It Would Rain. The great David Ruffin on lead vocals, with a pained performance. One of the classic rain = loneliness, sadness pieces. "Susnhine blue skies please go away..." 

Garbage is only happy when it rains. They ought to live here in the Pacific Northwest.

When I think rain songs, I think one band: Creedence Clearwater Revival. The J'box had a choice of two great hits of CCR. Here is Who'll Stop the Rain, poingnantly mixed with Vietnam footage, adding a political element. (The other CCR choice of course being Have You Ever Seen the Rain?)

Next a little reggae-inspired Adele. 

And since we started with a rather epic piece, why not end with another? "Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain."



Update I: The Flight of the Conchords with a great parody on rain/crying songs. I'm Not Crying (The Rain Ballad). "I'm not cryin'. It's just been raining on my face." 

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  • Comment Link Lindsay Robertson Sunday, 14 October 2012 17:10 posted by Lindsay Robertson

    What a great jukebox topic! Especially when I'm reading it on this very rainy, but cozy, Vancouver morning. I love The Temptations. It's some of the first music I got into when I was just a wee gal. But, I didn't know "I Wish it would Rain" was their song. I first heard it by The Cougars, on the "Jamaica to Toronto" compilation album. They do a killer version of it:

    I put 'rain' into the search bar of my iTunes, and got 109 songs! I'll just pick a few of my favourites.

    The Rheostatics with 'Rain Rain Rain"

    Tom Waits with "Rains on Me" - This is an awesome song.

    Great playlist Chris, thanks for sharing.

  • Comment Link Chris Dierkes Sunday, 14 October 2012 20:17 posted by Chris Dierkes

    Thanks Lindsay. That Cougars version is fantastic. I love the horns.

    Rain is an incredibly rich musical theme. Incredibly diverse genres.

  • Comment Link Trevor Malkinson Sunday, 14 October 2012 22:32 posted by Trevor Malkinson

    Somewhere in the 80s this song got burnt into my brain. I think it was from a show called Solid Gold, but I can't be sure. But sure as shit, at least once a fall, when it's raining, the chorus in my head suddenly breaks out into 'It's Raining Again' by Supertramp. Which isn't exactly such a bad thing, because it's a rather joyous song all in all.

    I know there's a huge amount of rain songs, as Lindsay's playlist attests to, but the other one that pops immediately to the fore, is 'I Wish It Would Rain Down' by Phil Collins. Which is another 80s song for whatever reason. And has Clapton on guitar to boot. But just having relistened to this song a few minutes ago, it hit me again. There's a somewhat borderline (maybe not borderline) emotionalism to the song, but damn if it don't make me feel, and make want me want to walk in the rain and get rained on and feel. There's something about the rain that just makes me want to walk in it, get slapped directly in the face by it, get hurt by creation, be enlivened by creation, be present to the pain and joy of living, breathing, in the rain. Alright, that was just a riff, and maybe I'm getting carried away by Phil's pop vocal prowess, but there's something to getting rained on that creates a certain clarity and immediacy. Might be part of the enduring inspiration of rain for music. Or maybe I'm just bullshittin. :) entirely possible. cheers, good JB topic.

    Phil Collins-

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