An interpretation of the spiritual meaning of the Apostles Creed
  Me, Jesus and a whole lotta holy oil. A non-Christian's exploration of the transformative potentials at the heart of  Christian teachings.
One congregations expression of an evolving Christian faith.  
  What happens when we realize that Jesus is kin with starfields, our solar system, the Earth’s biosystems and all creatures — how will that impact our mission to repair the Earth?
Barbara Ehrenreich's book Brightsided analyzes America's obsession with success and positivity. This coincides with the Enneagram personality system's type Three: the Achiever. So what happens when one type's values dominate a culture?
  Can anyone who claims to be intelligent also be religious today?  What might be a process-based view of reality offer to religion and science in our contemporary world?  
DisneyNature's documentary Oceans doesn't gloss over killing and eating its presentation of its subjects. 
Rodney Decroo is a singer/songwriter whose Mt. Rushmore would feature Bob Dylan, poet Philip Levine, and Mark Twain - specifically the novel Huckleberry Finn.  
In his book The Greatest Show on Earth, Dawkins overflows with love and enthusiasm for his subject. 
Gabor Mate is a doctor and best-selling author. His totems are Gautama Buddha, Yeshua (aka Jesus), Karl Marx, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud. Beethoven's in there too.
  Anglican bishop and scholar N.T. Wright via the podcast Homebrewed Christianity.
Why would someone become a student of a spiritual teacher? What does the teacher-student relationship have to offer someone on the spiritual path? Spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen interviews 25 spiritual leaders about their relationship with their teachers, offering a unique window into this old and at times controversial tradition. The audios of these interviews is available for free on-line.
  Why is there such enduring interest in existentialism, and what do these thinkers still have to tell us?
Why do we do other things while we eat? And what effect does this have on us?
    Featuring many quotes from Barbara Ehrenreich's book Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy.
The first of a three part look at where Christianity might be going.
  The Matt Stone and Trey Parker (of South Park and Team America fame) musical Book of Mormon won 9 Tony Awards this past weekend.  Who know Mormons were so hip?  
    An exhaustive and humourous inventory of everything that's wrong with Protestantism. Enjoy.
Atheist and evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, may be helping usher in the next age of spiritual and religious mysticism. Now that's ironic. 
Why meditate? What can it add to your life? Bergen shares a journal two years in the making of his annual commitment to meditate for 24 hours -- in a row. No incense and candles here; just the backbreaking effort born of conviction that one-pointedness cuts the fog like nothing else.
  In this edition of Sacred Sundays we look at four sculptures whose themes surround the captivity- and breaking out- of the soul.
Introducing a new collection of evolutionary Christian sermons by Reverend Bruce Sanguin
  Rabbi Eric Yoffie with an excellent piece on the problems (and solutions) of typical interfaith dialogue.
  Joseph Campbell with a tour of the chakras and much more.  
  Bill Maher rips into Muslim fundamentalists and hypocritical Christians.
  I was raised pretty strongly Catholic, but the venture was ultimately doomed because of the music. Is that how these people feel about God?
    A devotional poem by Mahadeviyakka, a great female Shaiva Saint of South India.  
 Unfortunately our model of God stalled out.  Christianity, Judaism and Islam today are mere reflections of human consciousness as it was in the long distant past and Western religion has been stuck in an intellectual dead-end for millennia now.  Even so called post-modernist criticism still talks about Grace and Sin and Forgiveness and being with God and not being with God.  Even the most “modern” churches refer to God’s will and we pray to God and worship God. To what end?
  A short personal reflective piece I wrote last week on the value of the practicing the Sabbath.      
  Me, Jesus and a whole lotta holy oil. A non-Christian's exploration of the transformative potentials at the heart of  Christian teachings.
  A little Teresa of Avila, Spanish mystic, erotic theologian, and source of profound wisdom. 
  A tour through the emerging world of the mythic-revival movement.
  A look at the latest offering from the great metal documentary filmmaker Sam Dunn.
  In the third installment of Redemption Week, guest author Jim Baxter argues that we don't need the traditional God of religion to find 'The Land of Milk and Honey'.
  Monks have always pushed the boundaries of intense practice. I'm no monk, but a meditation marathon is one hell of a practice.
  What exactly is the calling, where is it emanating from, and why are we so attracted to it?
  Today we get to know Nabu, ancient Assyrian and Babylonian god of writing and wisdom.
  Turning towards our demons. Awakening to the fullness of each messy moment. A meditation with Catherine of Siena.  
A meditation on the crossroads and the leap of faith.
What does an ancient text in the Hebrew Scriptures have to offer us today?
A look at the BBC's Rev., life as an inner-city Anglican clergyman. 
This brief bit of dialogue from HBO's drama Big Love showcases the mythic/membership stage beliefs of its main characters. 
  Louis CK on the nature of God as a s#@!ty girlfriend. 
  Thoughts on praise as a form of political resistance via Dorothy Soelle and Allen Ginsberg.
  Animal looks within while Gonzo offers his 'stay at home enlightenment course'
  Get to know, Shamash, ancient Mesopotamian god of justice and the sun. 
Today for Western Christians marks the festival of Jesus' Resurrection.  Happy Resurrection Sunday to you all.  
      A prayer from Bruce Sanguin, looked at through the lens of meditation.       
  Today we remember people murdered for their religious beliefs by giving out candies and Hallmark cards...WTF? A meditation on love as martrydom. 
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